<![CDATA[thelessyouwear - Blog]]>Tue, 15 Mar 2016 01:57:25 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[Ready For The Races - Shape Solutions Guide]]>Sat, 11 Apr 2015 11:44:08 GMThttp://thelessyouwear.weebly.com/blog/ready-for-the-races-shape-solutions-guideWith the Grand National this weekend, Haydock and Chester races next month, the girls at Pandora’s Box have created a guide to the best bra and shape solutions for under your outfits this season!


Plunging neckline: making the statement this season. A statement whose cut draws the eye down the body, the plunging neckline remains on trend for spring / summer 2015, however finding the right bra can be tricky – this will ultimately depend on how deep the plunge is!

Freya’s ‘Deco Vibe’ range would be suitable under most plunge necklines… Available in sizes E-GG!
We also love Passionata’s ‘Let’s Play’ (B-DD) and Chantelle’s ‘C Chic Sexy’ (B-F) for a smaller bust…
However a more drastic cut may need stick on cups (see accessories section)!

T-shirt bra’s should be a lingerie draw staple – when you find the right fit this sort of bra is invisible under tight fitting tops and dresses! Necklines will vary, but most are ideal under square, scoop or high!

Fantasie ‘Smoothing’ – this fashion essential is one of Fantasie’s best-kept secrets. The range creates a smooth shape underneath fitted outerwear! Available in sizes DD-H…
Chantelle ‘Merci’ memory foam is ideal for those that want a smooth outline but without the solid format that most straplesses come in, with a soft and supportive Lycra lace back. Available in sizes C-F.
Fantasie’s ‘Rebecca’ is a must have for the summer! This maximum coverage, seam-free, moulded bra strikes the perfect balance between understated style and sublime sophistication and the spacer fabric gives it a lovely weightless feel. Available in sizes D-GG…
Fantasie ‘Eclipse’, born from their best-selling Rebecca range, the new Eclipse balcony collection offers less coverage in the cup and a low centre-front. With Swiss embroidery , a jewel-trimmed bow and adjustable J-hook to prevent strap slippage and to give a racer back option, this is a handy bra to have! DD-G cups available.

We all love the look of a strapless dress or one with dainty straps, but when it comes to getting the look and lift of a bra with straps, we often fail! Here are 3 of our best and most supportive strapless bras…

Ultimate Strapless by Wonderbra is THE strapless bra to have! The strap line for this range is ‘stays up as long as you do’ and we can vouch that this is true! This revolutionary strapless bra by Wonderbra is designed to stay in place whatever you’re doing. With it’s sweetheart neckline, moulded, hand shape structuring to lift the cleavage, it is styled in smooth, comfortable, satin fabric for that sleek look under clothing! Available in sizes D-G…
Fantasie’s number 1 strapless is part of their ‘Smoothing’ range, available up to a G cup this brilliant fitting bra is very supportive and will go under the majority of square necked strapless outfits.
For a smaller bust, why not try Chantelle’s ‘Basic Invisible’ strapless? With microfibre cups, additional wires on the side for additional support AND integrated foam padding in A-32D this bra is sure to give you some oomph!

We stock a fantastic multi-way bra, the Chantelle ‘Vous & Moi’ up to an F cup… Ultra-comfortable memory foam T-shirt bra that gives the bust an uplift effect, with an invisible and refined cut due to see-through detailing on the straps. This bra also has detachable straps that can be utilised a number of ways or replaced with a clear strap! Perfect for someone who wants the benefit of strapless but with straps!


Say no to ‘visible panty lines’!!

A thong or string would be the obvious choice but not everyone finds these comfortable! Sloggi Invisible’s would be perfect in this situation! The range does offer a thong, however there is also the option of a deep short… The scalloped edge sits perfectly flat and as the shorts are seam free, they cannot be seen under most garments!

Chantelle’s ‘Soft’ range is also ideal… A highwaisted brief with a very reassuring cut – high waistline and full coverage at the back is available as well as a string (tanga cut).
Control Wear

Miracle Suit offer various different shapes and are a must have for keeping a smooth silhouette under any outfit! All styles available in sizes 12-18 and are available in black and nude.

Waist Cincher – you’ll be amazed as your figure is transformed! Designed with seams to create the perfect hour glass shape, inner double panel construction and side release panels, the garment offers extra firm control and removes inches from your waist!

Hi Waist Brief / Hi Waist Thigh Slimmer – these feature a triple layer front panel which shapes and smooths the tummy, hips, midriff and in the thigh slimmers case, the thighs! These garments can be worn under an array of fashions, provide extra firm control and feature Miraclesuite’s patented Wonderful Edge finish (keeping the garment in place, eliminates VPL and prevents the garment riding up)

Not a lot of people will realise this, but you can see someone’s lingerie through their outfit 80% of the time due to the colour!

If your outfit is a light colour, opt for nude or flesh coloured lingerie – NOT WHITE!! If you are dark skinned go for a coffee colour, if you are very pale, opt for a more milky hue. Basically the key here is to try and match your lingerie to the colour of your skin. Matching your underwear to your outfit might seem like a good idea (and a cute one) however, unless the fabric of your outfit is quite heavy, such as a cotton or wool, you will more than likely see an outline through.

For darker coloured enssambles, there is obviously a bit more leeway. You might get away with matching colours! However, the safest and most practical option is to opt for black or again, nude (as you are likely to get more wear out of the bra again!)


As mentioned earlier, for some outfits and necklines, there just isn’t a bra that will do, which is why we stock Ra Ra Room accessories! From double sided tape, to ‘Happy Straps’ and stick on cups – we are sure to have a solution for you!

<![CDATA[HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! CELEBRATING 25 YEARS!]]>Fri, 05 Sep 2014 14:09:09 GMThttp://thelessyouwear.weebly.com/blog/happy-birthday-to-us-celebrating-25-yearsPandora’s Box, one of Ormskirk’s most popular retail outlets, is celebrating 25 years in business this month. Pandora’s Box started as a market stall all those years ago, and then moved into the indoor market in Ormskirk before occupying their current premises in Wheatsheaf Walk.

Pat Givens part owner of Pandora’s Box said, “I cannot believe we are celebrating 25 years this year after such a turbulent few years. We always wanted Pandora’s Box to be ‘forever’, but like most retailers we have had to deal with the recession, and it’s been a hard slog. However due to many things including my daughter Katie’s determination to succeed brought us through it including heading up Love Ormskirk. I’m happy to say however, that 2014 is not only the year we celebrate this milestone, it is also the year we are getting back to where we were. Footfall and sales are up and customer loyalty and faith continues to grow. My business partners Jackie and Katie have worked very hard getting the buying right these last few seasons and focusing on customer service, it seems it’s been a winning formula.”

Pandora’s Box loyal customers are very happy that they are doing well in the face of adversity. They offer a loyalty card to all our customers giving them an average of 15% OFF throughout the year and often do mini promotions and gifts with purchase.

Jackie Wood said: “We’ve got amazing staff who believe in us and what we do and treat our customers like we do. We’re not a faceless brand, we’re a strong business with a clear identity and passion to succeed, this is what we believe has helped us through these tough years. We are very proactive and reactive, so we do not rest on our laurels and we are always thinking about ways to improve.” Our customers value the service and the overall shopping experience they get when they step through the door and they get taken care of in other ways.”

Pandora’s Box believes it’s all about striking a partnership and relationship with their customers and will spend the next 25 years doing what they do best, with their customer’s  support.

<![CDATA[promotional video.. our new 3 faces of pandora's box!]]>Sat, 03 Aug 2013 11:12:42 GMThttp://thelessyouwear.weebly.com/blog/promotional-video-our-new-3-faces-of-pandoras-boxPicture
This has been an entirely new and exciting project for us! We’ve jumped in at the deep end and decided we wanted to do a promotional video to promote of new autumn stock, it’s THAT amazing! This idea then became the launch of our competition, were the women of Ormskirk stripped down into their bikinis and strutted their stuff, we were looking for 3 Real Women with fantastic curvy shapes and even some imperfections because let’s face it – none of us are perfect!

This is exactly what we found...

We firstly have Jade G, a gorgeous blonde with the bubbly personality to match in her 20’s, then there is Sarah in her 30’s who is not only beautiful but glowing as she is pregnant ( she’s the shops yummy mummy for definite! ) Then finally there is Julia, the feisty flame – haired show stopper with the amazing personality in her 40’s.  We couldn’t have discovered 3 better women to represent our shop and we are happy to announce they were pretty pleased with the news as well!

Just to keep you all in the loop the video shoot will take place at West Tower, Aughton and will go live in September!!

We will keep you updated!! xx

<![CDATA[Why is my bra digging in?]]>Fri, 27 Jul 2012 12:58:24 GMThttp://thelessyouwear.weebly.com/blog/why-is-my-bra-digging-inThe main reason for this will be that the cup size, e.g (A,B,C,D,DD…..) is too small and the wires will be pinching and squashing. Also, if the band size is too big and is riding up your back then it will cut into your underarm, hence giving the illusion of feeling too tight.

If you're based in the North West of England then why not come in and see us?

Our address is: Pandora's Box 
                       2 Wheatsheaf Walk, 
                       Tel:01695 576296

<![CDATA[When should my daughter start wearing a bra?]]>Fri, 27 Jul 2012 12:58:17 GMThttp://thelessyouwear.weebly.com/blog/when-should-my-daughter-start-wearing-a-braGirls may need to start wearing a bra as young as eight or nine. However, if a girl is pre-pubescent then she must not wear underwires. This is because the bust is at its early development stage and if the underwires sit on the breast tissue it can be uncomfortable and affect the growth of the bust.

It is also imperative for your daughter to be correctly fitted for a bra at this stage because the developing bust is a very different shape to the adult one. Thus a specially shaped bra designed with the developing bust in mind is required.

Being measured and fitted at this stage will not only help to keep the bust firmer for longer, but it will also encourage your daughter to be fitted throughout her adult life.

<![CDATA[I’m quite big busted but I still want a cleavage. What can I do?]]>Fri, 27 Jul 2012 12:58:00 GMThttp://thelessyouwear.weebly.com/blog/im-quite-big-busted-but-i-still-want-a-cleavage-what-can-i-doThe bigger the bust the more it has to be encased in the bra as it is the encasing that keep it from bouncing and that helps support.

The middle section of a bra (where the wires sit next to each other in-between your breasts) is called the centre front. The lower the centre front, the more cleavage you will gain as more breast is exposed. The bigger the breast the more breast tissue is hanging away from the chest wall and the heavier it is. Therefore, if the bust is not covered and supported around the entire area of breast tissue then it will simply want to ‘escape’ out of the nearest exit! This is the point where cleavage becomes ‘four boobs’ and looks unsightly. For this reason, it is only possible to design a ‘plunge’ or cleavage enhancing bra up to a G cup.

The good news is that for those of you bigger than a 36 G, bra manufacturers are constantly working on being able to take this type of bra to a bigger size, so you may not have to wait too long. Remember good things come to those who wait! However, we would not recommend a plunge bra for everyday use, perhaps just for certain outfits. As we pointed out earlier this type of bra can give an untidy shape under everyday clothes.

<![CDATA[How can I make my boobs look smaller?]]>Fri, 27 Jul 2012 12:57:52 GMThttp://thelessyouwear.weebly.com/blog/how-can-i-make-my-boobs-look-smallerBeing in a correctly fitting bra will definitely make you look smaller, as all of your bust will be encased in the bra properly, giving a more streamlined look and the appearance of a smaller and more compact bust.

If you know you are wearing the right size bra and have been fitted by us and still want to look smaller then there are certain ‘tricks of the trade’ that you can do with your outerwear to also give the illusion of having smaller breasts.

We do not recommend ‘Minimising’ bras. All these bras do is squash the bust at the front forcing the breast tissue under the arm. This can be uncomfortable and in certain clothes make you look ‘frumpy’.

<![CDATA[Will my boobs change after I have a baby?]]>Fri, 27 Jul 2012 12:57:39 GMThttp://thelessyouwear.weebly.com/blog/will-my-boobs-change-after-i-have-a-babyEvery woman’s body reacts differently to having a baby.

Some women say that their boobs went ‘to nothing’ after having a baby, even if they haven’t breast fed. Some women say that it is breast feeding that causes the breast to sag.

To minimise any sagging or shrinking of the bust whilst pregnant and/or feeding always make sure that you are wearing a correctly fitted bra and are well supported throughout.

<![CDATA[How do I wash and look after my bras?]]>Fri, 27 Jul 2012 12:57:33 GMThttp://thelessyouwear.weebly.com/blog/how-do-i-wash-and-look-after-my-brasAs per manufacturers instructions, we also recommend that in order to keep your lingerie in the best possible condition, you 'hand wash' it!

We realise that 'hand washing' takes that little bit more time but it can make a significant difference to the life of your bra.

If you machine wash underwired items, the heat and motion of the wash will shrink the casing that the wire sits in and may force the wire out! It may also misshape the wire so it no longer lies flat. If the wires come out in your washing machine then it can cost you more than a new bra. It can get stuck in the mechanisms of the washing machine and could be costly to fix! When hand washing, it is always best to use cool water as hot water can not only shrink the wire casing but also damage delicate fabrics and accessories.

Hand washing will also prevent colour fading and help to stop white bras going a lovely grey colour!

<![CDATA[How can I firm my boobs?]]>Fri, 27 Jul 2012 12:57:22 GMThttp://thelessyouwear.weebly.com/blog/how-can-i-firm-my-boobsThe only way boobs will appear firmer is if they get bigger. The breast is predominately made up of fatty tissue, therefore if the mass of fat increases, i.e. you put weight on, then the bust will start to ‘pump up’ and fill out the skin surrounding it. There is NO muscle whatsoever in the breast tissue, therefore no amount of exercise can ‘firm’ your bust.

There are pectoral muscles behind the chest wall and by exercising these muscles you will firm behind the bust, which will only increase the size of your chest above your bust and underneath. Of course there is always cosmetic surgery!?